Investment strategies for every stage of life

Invest for Accumulation


25+ year horizon

Implement the 6 pillars of wealth accumulation. Tools, education, and a personalised investment plan built using the latest investment theories are just one click away.

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Invest for Expansion


15 year horizon

How you invest your money over the next ten to fifteen years is critical to your lifestyle in retirement. Let us show you a solution that simplifies investing and keeps you on track.

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Invest for Retirement


5 year horizon

You've worked hard for your money, make sure its working for you when you need it most. Our protection and asset allocation strategies are designed to take the fear out of investing.

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Our Approach

A unique approach to portfolio construction

Using Nobel Prize winning portfolio theories, our asset allocation platform allows investors to optimise portfolio exposures across the major global and domestic asset classes with ease. Using our technology as the backbone for portfolio weightings, we assist our clients with investment selection in passive or actively managed stocks, bonds, REITs, and ETF’s. Our goal is to provide clients with the lowest level of volatility risk for their desired return, whilst providing a complete, simple, and optimised solution for all of their investment needs. The chart to the right shows the appropriate weight in each asset class for each risk rating.

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How to improve my investment portfolio?
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Keep an eye on your investments

Our free portfolio monitoring app allows you to check in on the performance of your investments at any time.


Our platform is a service we offer free to all clients as part of our commitment to transparency.

Asset allocation

Keep your portfolio asset allocation in line with your desired weighting.

Multiple accounts

See all your accounts in one place by linking your Vested account numbers.

Equities & Options

See both equities and options holdings and monitor performance of each position separately.