A strategy for each stage of your retirement

Preparing for retirement

Preparing For Retirement

Planning a solid foundation

Before actually retiring, you will need to re-structure your portfolio in a way that reflects your new situation and maximises the duration your capital will last.



Making your portfolio last

During retirement your income requirements will increase with inflation and capital preservation becomes critical. We provide strategies to assist with these issues.

Mature retirees

Mature Retirees

Simplifying your investments

As you move further into retirement, your focus will shift to things other than managing an investment portfolio. We provide set and forget managed solutions designed for this purpose.

Retirement investment strategies

Preparing For Retirement

Plan early to start with a solid foundation..

You may be approaching the end of your working career, but you are just getting started when it comes to setting up your retirement. We offer personal advice around how to best structure your portfolio to last through your retirement, with a free no-commitment consultation to find out if there is anything we can do to help before becoming a client.

How long will my savings last?

Calculate the expected duration your retirement savings may potentially last given a required annual income. Scroll down to use our calculator.

What can I do to improve my time frame?

After you've calculated how long your portfolio may last, talk to us about strategies designed to generate additional income and protect your portfolio.

Strategies to generate additional income in retirement

How long will your savings last?

The first thing to work out is what you can expect from your current savings and investments over the time frame you need it to last. Start by entering the amount you have saved for retirement, then enter how much you think you need to draw out as an annual income for living expenses.

This calculator uses historical average returns of a 50/50 bond/stock portfolio for projections and factors in a 4% annual inflation. The chart should be considered an very rough estimation not a precise forecast.

You will need about two-thirds of your current income per year to maintain your lifestyle in retirement.

This is a model not a prediction. Results are only estimates, the actual amounts may be higher or lower. We cannot predict things that will affect your decision such as movements in investment markets. This calculator is not intended to be your sole source of information when making a financial decision. You should consider whether you should get advice from a licensed financial adviser.

The transition to a secure retirement

Implement Protective Strategies

After a lifetime of hard work, consider how difficult it would be to watch the value of your retirement war chest erode due to market forces out of your control. We provide access to a range of protective options strategies which can be used to mitigate market volatility and actively protect your wealth.

Remove Inappropriate Investments

What may have been right for you leading up to retirement may no longer be appropriate given you are now unable to replace investment losses with a steady income from employment. It's now time to remove inappropriate leverage, high risk growth investments and transition your portfolio to an appropriate asset allocation model, diversifying your risk across multiple asset classes.

Simplify Holdings

Although the volatility of stock specific risk may have been tolerable in the past to attempt to achieve out-performance, the risks attached to single stocks make less and less sense as you transition to retirement. Coupled with the relative complexity of managing a portfolio of individual stocks compared to the simplicity of a more passive approach to asset classes via indices, it may be prudent to consider transitioning some or all of your portfolio to a few key ETFs representing your desired asset classes such as Bonds, Property and Domestic and International Equities.

Speak to an adviser about a pre-retirement portfolio today.

Investment strategies for retirement


How to make it last..

Now that you're retired, it's time to get serious about how to maximize your investment horizon. Early in retirement you can afford to be more aggressive in regards to actively generating additional income and protecting your portfolio, and we offer a range of strategies to target those objectives.

Adjust Asset Allocation

Move from your growth focused pre-retirement portfolio to a more suitable asset allocation designed to reduce volatility and extend the life of your investment capital.

Income & Protection

Extract cash from your portfolio which can reduce the need to sell holdings for income, while preserving the asset value with protective strategies.

Asset allocation for retirement

Asset allocation that changes with your requirements

Each asset class has its own unique risk and return characteristics, our goal is to create the optimal mix for a given time horizon. Earlier in your retirement with a longer time frame, you will be able to better tolerate the volatility of stocks in exchange for higher returns, however as you transition through retirement your need for lower volatility increases and as such so does your weighting to more stable asset classes such bonds.

We draw on Nobel Prize winning portfolio theories to optimally blend the weightings of the major asset classes in order to produce the most efficient portfolio for a given investment horizon.

Income and protection strategies for retirement

Income & Protection

We offer a range of exchange traded options strategies designed to generate additional income from an existing portfolio which can potentially reduce the need to sell down holdings to fund your lifestyle. Avoiding selling holdings for as long as possible extends your time horizon.

Our strategies don't require changing anything you are currently doing,
so speak to an adviser about how to try them out on a small scale to see for yourself.

View Income Strategies View Protection Strategies

Speak to an adviser about a retirement portfolio today.

Simplify your investments in retirement

Mature Retirees

It's time to simplify your investments..

As you transition further into retirement, you more than likely will prefer to start focusing on the important things in life like family and travel rather than day to day operation of an investment portfolio. We have a plan on how to slowly move to a lower-touch model to free up more time and reduce administration requirements.

ETFs & Managed Investments

Transition from individual shares to ETFs and Fully Managed Investments to reduce volatility and management complexity.

Portfolio Reporting

Reduce your accounting and administration burden by moving to our automated platform.

Personal Advice

Outsource the day to day market analysis to an adviser under personal advice allowing them to make recommendations specific to you and your situation.

Income Extraction

Work with your adviser on a plan to extract income from your portfolio in the most efficient fashion.

Find your lost shares

Don't just forget about your shares!

The biggest mistake you can make at this stage in your life is just forgetting about your shares and assuming that because they have been working for you over the last few decades they will be fine as they are.

We can put together a proposal around how to make sure they can remain out of sight, but structured in a smarter, more appropriate optimised managed portfolio.

Speak to an adviser about transitioning to a simpler retirement today.