Every move you make from this point on has to be precise.

You are 40-55 years old, at the peak of your career and earning more than you ever have. Your mortgage is on track and you're building equity in your home. You are in the position now to determine just what your life in retirement will be like. From here on, you want to make sure you get it right.

It's time to expand the scope of your investments to ensure you are ready for when that time is upon you. How you invest your money in the next ten to fifteen years is critical. You need to make sure your goals are clear and your strategy is sound, and properly targeted.

Your investment choices..

There are a number of investment asset classes you may already be considering or invested in, all with advantages and disadvantages.

Cash & Bonds

Low Volatility

  Greater certainty make Cash and Bonds a great portfolio hedge against riskier assets.

  This reduced risk comes at a price, meaning investors shouldn't expect a substantial return from these assets.


Medium Volatility

  Great income and moderate capital gain potential make property an appealing asset class.

  Liquidity, diversification and minimum capital requirements can be an issue for smaller investors.


High Volatility

With the highest historical total return potential and often large dividends, shares are a very appealing investment.

Due to the liquidity, volatility is generally far higher than other assets classes making asset allocation a key focus.

Growth investment strategies and advice

Our solution simplifies and combines all three resulting in greater diversification and liquidity to your investments.

Asset allocation for growth

Asset Allocation

Why asset allocation is important

We find that most of the clients that come to us have a portfolio of 10 – 20 stocks and potentially an investment property in their SMSF which means the investor is gambling on the success of property prices in one suburb and handful of Australian companies. They often lack a risk management strategy and are heavily exposed to specific sectors with little to no diversification.

Our difference

We draw on Modern Portfolio Theory to offer our clients maximum diversification and appropriate weightings across Domestic and International Markets, Listed Property, Cash and Bonds.

More about Our Approach
Portfolio Volatility

Choose Your Management Style


  • Passive management refers to investing in indices (like the ASX 200) which represent each asset class. We utilise Exchange Traded Funds as they are simple, low cost, and extremely diversified.
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  • Active management means investment selection is decided by you and your adviser. Active management has potential for out-performance through careful investment selection, but increases concentration risk as transaction costs inhibit diversification.
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  • Some investors may prefer a blend of both approaches, allocating some of their wealth to the security and simplicity of a Passively Managed approach, and take an Active approach to individual stocks they believe in.
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Pre-retirement investment advice

Where could your new portfolio take you?

Use our calculator below to estimate if you are on track to achieve your retirement goals. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your results, contact an adviser any time.

Your time to retirement will determine how much volatility you are able to tolerate and therefore your potential returns.

This is a model not a prediction. Results are only estimates, the actual amounts may be higher or lower. We cannot predict things that will affect your decision such as movements in investment markets. This calculator is not intended to be your sole source of information when making a financial decision. You should consider whether you should get advice from a licensed financial adviser.

Enhancement Strategies

The perfect mix of diversified assets can only go so far to achieving your investment goals. If you're not on track, or you would like to customise the risk, return, or income, our portfolio enhancement strategies potentially add substantial value.


Almost everyone insures their car & house, yet fail to insure their portfolio. Our proprietary options protection strategies can mitigate portfolio risk giving you peace of mind.


Given that a savings plan and dividend reinvestment is a crucial part of an accumulation strategy, the ability to generate additional income with options to re-invest can accelerate the growth of a portfolio over time.


At the right time in your life, leverage can be an important part of your investment strategy. Our leverage strategies can lower the cost of borrowing funds and access gearing in a smart way. Leverage is double-edged and should only be used appropriately.

The initial advice process

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Type of Advice
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Asset Allocation
Tailor your Asset Allocation strategy
Management Style
Decide on Passive, Active, or Blended management.
Add Income, Protection and/or Leverage.
Open an account, setup reporting tools, and execute the plan.
Investing before retirement to maximise income

Getting started

The first step is finding an adviser you click with and feel understands what you are trying to achieve. Our advisers are available any time to discuss your situation free of charge.

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You're in control

Our advisers understand that different clients desire different levels of involvement in their investments. We are not here to take any control away from you, simply to find ways to improve your strategy.

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