Everyone needs a game plan

When we're young, we like to focus on today and not worry about tomorrow. We figure super contributions will cover distant retirement. A successful career might make you wealthy in the meantime but is that enough to really get you where you want to be? Sacrificing only a small amount of your spending money each month into a low cost, long term investment plan can put you years ahead of your peers and allow for a much more comfortable lifestyle in the future.

We offer the young wealth accumulator a low cost investment solution which can be tailored to individual goals. Adopting a scientific approach based on Nobel Prize winning investment theories, we will help you build an investment game plan using all the tools outlined below to secure your future, starting now. An opportunity missed is an opportunity lost.

The 6 Pillars of Wealth Accumulation


By reinvesting income back into a diversified portfolio over the long term, your investment will grow much faster. For example a 7.2% annual return will double in value every 10 years!


Unique strategies that give access to extremely low interest rates to gear a portfolio, income strategies to enhance returns, or portfolio protection for peace of mind.

Regular Contributions

A powerful wealth accumulation strategy that can substantially grow your wealth over time. How powerful? Test out our Game Plan calculator below..

Low Fees, Better Returns

We utilise exchange traded index tracking funds to appropriately diversify a portfolio across all major asset classes such as shares, listed property and bonds. This substantially lowers transaction costs and increases diversification. Of course nothing is stopping you from adding great companies from around the world to your portfolio as well!

Asset Allocation

We don't believe in guesswork. Which is why we use modern portfolio theory to develop and manage the efficiency of portfolios. We diversify globally across the main asset classes. By analysing historical asset class performance and forecast analyst expectation, we aim to create the most efficient mix of assets for any given risk weighting.

Market Timing

Time in the market is more important than timing the market. An investment theory that suggests over the long term, the effectiveness of chipping in and out of positions to enhance returns adds little to the overall risk and return efficiency of a portfolio. In fact it can substantially backfire and increase transactional costs.

Investment strategies for young investors
Step 1

Set Your Time Horizon

Your time horizon lets us suggest an initial risk/reward level.

Think of risk as a measure of how likely your investment is to move in either direction in a given time period, also known as "volatility". Investors with a longer time horizon are able to tolerate more volatility in exchange for a greater potential return, whereas investors with a shorter time horizon require lower volatility to ensure they have a high probability of extracting their full investment.

How long will your money be invested?
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Investment strategies for wealth accumulation
Step 2

Optimise Asset Allocation

Each asset class has its own unique risk and return characteristics, our goal is to create the optimal mix for a given time horizon. Stocks are volatile, yet offer a higher rate of growth and are therefore hold a higher weighting in growth portfolios, while bonds are less volatile, offering a lower return and therefore hold a higher weight in lower risk shorter dated portfolios. We optimally blend weightings of the major available asset classes in order to produce the most efficient portfolio for a given investment horizon by drawing on our efficient frontier model and modern portfolio theory.

Risk / Reward
Step 3

Set Goals & Add Savings Plan

Time in the market is more important than timing the market, which is why it is so important to start investing today. This tool allows you to see how your game plan might turn out using historical averages.

Note: The results shown by the calculator are an approximate guide only. They do not represent either quotes or pre-qualifications for any product and should not be used as exact values for financial planning purposes. The calculator assumes that deposits and interest crediting occurs at the same frequency. This frequency is an input parameter entered by the user – namely annually, monthly, fortnightly or weekly. The default return is based on the users selected asset mix, more can be read about how we project returns here. Changes in economic conditions e.g. inflation may not have been taken into account. The formulae used with this calculator may change without notice.

How to pick individual stocks in your portfolio
Step 4

Add Companies You Believe In

With a well diversified base portfolio covering multiple asset classes, you can pick specific stocks from a position of security. Knowing that all your eggs are not in one basket means adverse moves in specific stocks are unlikely to dramatically affect your long term investment plans. Pick from a huge number of domestic and international stocks such as the examples below.


Information Technology

NASDAQ (United States)


Information Technology

NASDAQ (United States)


Information Technology

NASDAQ (United States)



ASX (Australia)


Consumer Staples

ASX (Australia)

Johnson & Johnson


NYSE (United States)


Food Processing

SIX (Switzerland)



TYO (Japan)


Oil & Gas

NYSE (United States)

Step 5

Amount to allocate to specific stocks..

Remember these holdings will be far more volatile than other positions and you do already own small holdings in these companies thanks to your allocation to domestic and international shares. The more you allocate, the more you skew your asset allocation up the risk curve!

You can also customise the exact weighting of these stocks within your allocation by discussing your desired allocation with your adviser.

Step 6

Add Enhancement Strategies


Almost everyone insures their car & house, yet fail to insure their portfolio. Our proprietary protection strategies can hedge portfolio risk using options giving you peace of mind.


Given that a savings plan and dividend reinvestment is a crucial part of an accumulation strategy, the ability to generate additional income with options to re-invest can accelerate the growth of a portfolio over time.


At the right time in your life, leverage can be an important part of your investment strategy. Our leverage strategies can lower the cost of borrowing funds and access gearing in a smart way. Leverage is a double-edged and should be used appropriately.

Young investors how to start investing

Getting started

Many young investors believe there are barriers which make getting started unrealistic for them. Our advisers are available any time to discuss your situation.

Speak To An Adviser
Realistic minimums

We have new accumulators start with as little as $500 and can help set up achievable savings plans which can grow your investment over time.

Free initial consultation

Starting out can be daunting enough without the fear of large advice fees. Our advisers are happy to discuss an investment plan on a general advice basis, meaning you only pay if you proceed.

We have strategies for all starting sizes

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