A personal investment plan

A tailor-made investment plan for your specific circumstances.

Quality investment advice, tailored to each client's individual needs and objectives. With access to a range of proprietary investment research, portfolio tools and strategies, our experienced advisers will ensure you can make informed investment decisions.

Custom Plan

A completely personalised strategy and investment plan created specifically to achieve your goals.


Highest priority access to your adviser who understands your unique needs and preferences.

Free Reporting

Personal Advice clients over a certain portfolio size receive free access to our detailed portfolio reporting platform.


Ongoing portfolio management is generally charged on a competitive, easy to understand management fee basis.

The Personal Advice Process

Getting to know you

Every client is different with different needs and objectives. In the first stage of the investment plan we will want to learn as much as we can about you and your family. We will then help to set realistic objectives that are designed to ensure you enjoy the lifestyle you want now and achieve your long term goals in the future.

Strategy design

We draw on the experience of a team of investment analysts and advisers who aim to create the most efficient portfolio strategy for your circumstances. Investment advisers have access to a range of products and services including: Domestic and Global Equities, Exchange Traded Funds, Interest Rate Securities/Hybrids, Listed Real Estate, Separately Managed Accounts (Funds Management), Derivatives & Structured products, Margin Lending, and Cash Management Accounts.

Asset allocation

Your adviser and team of investment analysts work together to construct an appropriate asset allocation to meet your goals and risk preferences. Utilising investment themes with a macro focus, advisers design sector weightings according to investment objectives, whilst risk mitigating through cash and fixed interest investments.


Once we've agreed on the investment blueprint, we will discuss market conditions and timings to implement your investment plan in the most effective manner.

Portfolio management

Our goal; keep your money safe, whilst ensuring it is working hard to meet your objectives. Markets move in cycles, which is why a set-and-forget strategy isn't always best. Portfolio Management allows you to increase your exposure to the market when prices appear cheap, and heavily weighted towards cash and defensive investments when markets are expensive. You and your adviser will work together to proactively manage your investments, developing recommendations on sector and cash weightings where appropriate.

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