RG146 is an accreditation which all advisers providing financial advice to retail clients in Australia must fully understand and pass. The content teaches you essential compliance procedures which protect yourself and your clients.


The Accredited Derivatives Adviser Level 1 certification gives you a baseline understanding of Exchange Traded Options, and allows you provide advice on simple strategies generally used for investment purposes.


ADA2 allows you to provide advice on the most sophisticated strategies we use. Although you will not be responsible for designing these trades yourself until your program ends, you will need to be able to understand and discuss these strategies with clients.

Continuing Education

Diploma Financial Planning

We encourage our advisers to undertake a full Financial Planning Diploma. Although our expertise is in investment management, advisers trained to understand all aspects of a client's wealth management needs enhance the quality of advice provided.


Associates are encouraged to enrol in the globally recognised Chartered Financial Analyst program, representing a high level of commitment to their professional development.

In-house Training

Our in-house training program ensures all our advisers are keenly aware of any changes occurring in the regulatory framework, as well as acting as an opportunity to distribute new strategies to ensure every adviser's clients have the full suite of our services available to them.

And beyond..

As part of our commitment to excellence we are always looking for new courses, certifications and training to further develop your skill set and allow you to offer additional services and strategies to your clients.

Learn to trade like a investment adviser

Learn To Trade

Part of learning to trade multiple products and strategies profitably for your clients is learning how trade profitably for yourself. You will learn directly from professional traders with decades of experience and develop your own trading style which can allow you generate an income stream from the market as well as from your advisory job.

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The role requires

  • Hard work

    The ability to devote yourself to improving your skill set and growing your business.

  • Determination

    Commit to excellence and hold every task to the highest standard. There are no shortcuts to success.

  • Ethics

    Unwavering commitment to place your clients' needs above your own at all times.

  • Structure

    Ability to follow a structured formula for growth and skill progression.

  • Communication

    Clear communication with both co-workers and clients is essential.

  • Participation

    All associates are expected to participate actively in team meetings.

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