Our Culture

A positive, entrepreneurial culture is at the centre of what makes Vested an amazing place to grow your business.

We understand the impact that visible forward momentum can have on our advisers work satisfaction, which is why we have a proven structure to keep your client base growing and your education progressing.

Let us show you how to take your
business to the next level

Business Strategy

We can help you design your business strategy ensuring you offer an ethical, profitable and scalable service to your clients.


Commit to excellence and take your professional development and education past the traditional methods putting you ahead of your competition.


Regular marketing campaigns managed by the firm to provide a steady pipeline of potential clients who are interested and ready to talk.


Automate and scale thanks to our ongoing investment in proprietary technology products which can be tailored to your needs.

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  • CRM Overview
  • Client Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Benchmarking
  • Technology is our strong suit

    A cornerstone of our advisers' success is the one-of-a-kind CRM we’ve developed over 5+ years to streamline client acquisition and drastically improve the scalability of managing portfolios, ultimately improving the level of service each adviser can provide to their clients.

    The platform is split into two clear environments. One for managing potential clients through the relationship building and value demonstration process, and the other covering all aspects of the investment management process after a client begins a relationship with you.

  • Lead & Client Management

    Using our tried and true relationship building methodology, the CRM provides a clear pathway from first call to open account. The system provides the ability to tag leads into interest groups allowing an adviser to be highly specific with the information they send out, eliminating over-saturation.

    Leads are sorted by last contact time, pushing the prospects you most need to speak with to the top of your list. Accounts with the post potential can be rated with a star system, allowing you to filter your highest probability leads quickly and easily.

  • Portfolio Management

    We've designed an incredibly simple to use portfolio management platform, allowing advisers to easily synchronise portfolios across clients, even those with different weightings. In addition to creating and managing your own portfolio sets, you have access to other advisers' model portfolios, keeping in line with our collaborative approach.

    For advisers looking to offer a passively managed approach to clients' portfolios, the process is even more simple. Just tell the model your desired risk level and our algorithm will generate a fully automated and efficient asset allocation, and provide a list of holdings to represent each asset class. Proposals are generated in one click, giving you the scale and speed you need to grow your business.

  • Benchmarking

    A useful module of the platform is the ability to benchmark yourself against your own targets, and the rest of the advisory team. Instantly generate reports on phone and email contact volumes, revenue statistics, and overall productivity numbers.

    Although specific numbers are not always presented when comparing against other advisers, we believe that transparency around performance is healthy and brings out the best in each member of the team.

Stockbroker CRM, CRM for Investment Advisers
Ways we improve our investment advisers

We have an amazing platform to run your business from, and we're always finding ways to improve!

  • Platform & Products

    We offer a wide suite of products for advisers to utilise, including;

    HIN Based Equities, Exchange Traded Options, CFDs, Foreign Exchange CFDs, Direct International Equities, and SMAs.

    We are flexible in regards to platforms we offer to advisers. If a business case can be presented, we are open to bringing on any new platform an adviser believes will help them improve the service offering to their clients.

  • Flexible Contracts

    Our advisers are here to build their own business, not somebody else’s. We encourage new advisers to think about where they want to be 10 years and plan their contract around that.

    Advisers have the option of joining as an Authorised Rep (as an individual or company), or for larger teams; a full Corporate Authorised Rep, essentially running their own firm under Vested.

    Additionally, all clients that an adviser brings to the firm are contractually owned by that adviser, as are all new referrals and adviser-generated leads.

  • No Corporate Bias

    Part of our commitment to our advisers is a promise never to push deals or corporate flow, which means the recommendations you make your clients will always be unbiased and independent.

    We maintain a network of corporate relationships which provide regular deal flow for advisers allowing them to hand pick only the best opportunities to discuss with their clients.

    A key advantage to having no vested corporate division is the overhead that would traditionally be allocated to ECM executive wages is reallocated to helping grow our retail advisers.

  • Marketing

    We conduct frequent marketing campaigns to provide a steady pipeline of potential clients who require the services of our advisory team.

    As each enquiry is received by our system, it is allocated out to an available adviser who is looking to take on additional clients.

    In addition to our marketing, we are regularly contracted by ASX listed companies to discuss the details of a pending corporate action with their shareholders. This presents a fantastic opportunity for additional revenue generated from each phone call, as well as the chance to speak to thousands of qualified investors about the service you offer to your existing clients.

  • Retail Focused Research

    Research provided to our advisers is written with the retail client in mind, rather than the traditional approach of writing for sophisticated institutions.

    All research notes are created in an easy to understand format, written in plain English which is refreshing for both advisers and clients.

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